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The OYE is a Civil Society Organization that aims to support Bhutanese youth in finding meaningful employment. As a local initiative has grown out of the concern for the high and increasing youth employment. To foster the vision of OYE, it takes responsible youth to contribute meaningfully to society and to create pathways for Bhutanese youth to become responsible adults with dignity, self–sufficiency, and the ability to be productive citizens.

The OYE is officially tax exempted organization under RRCO approved letter reference number DRC/TAX-A&L/EX/18A/2018/705 and is a not for profit Organization, registered in the country under the Civil Society Organizations Authority.

The OYE will issue Money Receipt (Tax Exempted) on acknowledging the receipt of donation.

Donate from Bhutan

Our benevolent donors can make the donation using their choice of banking Apps (mBoB for BOBL user, mPay for BNBL, ePay for BDBL, TPay for T-Bank and DrukPay for DPNBL users) to the Account number below maintained with Bhutan National Bank Limited.

A/C Holder: Organization for Youth Empowerment

A/C # 51000 7078 0001

International Donors

Make a Wire Transfer to our correspondent banks:


All Countries : Corresponding Bank details here

Please enter the ultimate beneficiary details as provided below:

Beneficiary Name: Organization for Youth Empowerment

Beneficiary Account No: 51000 7078 0001

What after Donating?

After you donate, kindly email us the donation details like screen shot of Mobile Banking, Deposit slips for cash/cheque and Wire Transferred slip to our email