Terms and Reference for Transportation of Goods. | Organization for Youth Empowerment

Invitation of Transportation Rates.

Consigner’s  Responsibility:

  1. The Transporter shall  bear the responsibility to deliver the goods in proper condition.
  2. The damages caused during the transportation shall be fixed before  handed over to the Project Officer at the Site.
  3. The  bills shall be claimed only upon delivery of the goods to the site.
  4.  No halting charges shall be claimed.
  5.  The vehicle’s maintenance during the transportation period rests with the vehicle owner only.
  6. Rates shall be claimed for actual distance or kilometers from Jimina, Thimphu to Sangbay Dungkhag, Haa.
  7. Any rebate offered may be mentioned clearly under the remarks column.
  8. Agree to execute an agreement prior to execution of the Transportation.

Consignee’s Responsibility

  1. The consignee shall execute an agreement on this TOR with the Consigner.
  2. The claims shall be cleared within one week’s time of the submission of the bills.
  3. The bill shall be verified by the Site Manager after delivery of Goods.