Memorandum of Understanding between Nazhoen Lamtoen and OYE | Organization for Youth Empowerment

MOU between Nazhoen Lamtoen and OYE was signed at Meta Resort, Paro on 22nd October 2022 after the conclusion of 2 days consultation meeting on the diversion of children in conflict of law. Henceforth, Nazhoen Lamteon shall refer children who come into a conflict of law to OYE, who in turn shall provide support and assistance based on the interests of the children and the potential expertise of OYE to foster children to reform and become productive and valuable citizens. Nazhoen Lamtoen also signed MOU with Bhutan Music Research Association, Volunteer Teachers Association, DYS ( MoE), and many more who attended two days’ consultation meetings. OYE shall extend support and collaborate in proving its expertise for the cause of the nation’s future leaders and work towards achieving the common goals of ensuring our children’s safe and prosperous future.