CSO Capacity Development Training

A three-day capacity development training for Civil Society Oranisations (CSO) began yesterday at the UN House, Thimphu.

The training will focus on three courses – the irresistible pitch, effective project management, and strategic planning for successful outcomes.

A press release from UN Bhutan states that irresistible pitch will assist the participants to develop a presentation document and present it in a manner that has the best chance of success. “Being able to develop and present an ‘irresistible pitch’ to donor organisations is a key requirement of all NGOs which are dependent on donor funds to fulfill their mission.”

The course will also help participants have a new understanding on how to analyse a proposal, to articulate their value proposition in meeting the potential donors’ requests, and to present with authenticity in a compelling manner.

Effective project management training will improve the participant’s project management skills and knowledge delving into the detail of effective team leadership. “At the end of the training, participants will be able to use a structured approach to prepare a project plan. They can define the scope of a project and identify means of controlling changes to the scope.”

Strategic planning for successful outcomes course is expected to enable participants to work on their own business plan and have a deeper understanding of their business and the core elements of a strategic plan. “A session on ‘Vision, Mission and Ambition’ which sets the foundation of the plan is also included.”

The press release states that the participants would go through the ‘Business Model Canvas’ which analyses how the segments of the NGOs work and their inter-relationship.

Executives from various CSOs, business start-up individuals and individuals working in the field of development would be participating in the training.

The UN Bhutan in collaboration with the Civil Society Organization Authority and the Australian Himalayan Foundation is organising the training.

The UN Resident Coordinators Office with the Australian Himalayan Foundation are pleased to present this outline of the executive training programme which will be presented to a group of CSOs from May 20 to 30, 2018 in Bhutan. Please find the complete brochure here. Click CSO workshop brochure

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