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Mr Yogesh Dahal was bestowed the prestigious gold medal for his meritorious achievement in masters of Green Energy Technology at the 26th annual convocation at the Pondicherry university held on 15th February 2019. He was declared as the university topper of the 2015-17 batch in his field of study. At the University of Pondicheery, the award recognizes the master graduate who achieves the highest academic standing in the university.

Mr Yogesh was one of the fifteen Bhutanese recipients of the South Asian foundation (SAF) scholarship facilitated by Madanjeet Singh foundation, who are given the opportunity to undergo a master course every year in various university around South Asia. The SAF chapter of Bhutan, ‘’Bhutan Jamchong Thuendrel Foundation”, selects the deserving candidates based on merit after a nationwide call on applicants through various media outlets.

A civil engineer by profession he works in a private construction company. As a man of intelligence and perseverance he is committed to delve more and focus his career in environmental studies and technology. He aspires to obtain a fellowship which will help him studying and linking his two majors. (Civil engineering and green energy technology)

He stated, “Green Energy Technology is the only way forward to avert climate change, mitigate pollution and build a sustainable urban environment. Though Bhutan is blessed with clean and renewable energy in the form of hydroelectricity, climate change will have a toll in the future. It is always better to have alternate resources and technical persons in hand to combat the worst of the worst scenarios.”

Bhutan has been taking small but certain steps in the promotion of green energy technologies with the wind turbines installed in Wangdue Phodrang, promotion of electric vehicle, the renewable energy master courses initiated last year at the college of science and technology (CST), etc.

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