Excerpts on visit by the Member Secretary, CSOA | Organization for Youth Empowerment

The Member Secretary, Civil Society Organization Authority of Bhutan accompanied by two of his officials paid a familiarization visit to our office on 11th July 2022.
The Member Secretary explained the very purpose of the visit and expressed that such interactions with the CSOs would strengthen his knowledge and understanding of the existence of the OYE and its functions and mandates. It was also to broaden collaboration, cooperation, and communication between the two agencies.
The Executive Director, OYE made a brief presentation about OYE and the activities implemented and its scenario on the achievement attained that was targeted towards empowering youth including un-employed ones.
The Member Secretary mentioned that he was satisfied with the plans and programs implemented. He reiterated the significance of working in a closely-knit atmosphere in the spirit of enhancing transparency and accountability aimed at achieving the core values and principles of the developmental philosophy of Gross National Happiness.