Project Rangtse Nye Under Gakiling Gewog, Haa Dzongkhag -Project Activity Started -“Update” | Organization for Youth Empowerment

The first activity to conserve and sustain the environmental integrity of Rangste Nye at Gakiling Gewog under Haa Dzongkhag began on 16 January 2023. The project management issued hand gears and tools and implements to the youth group undertaking the project work. Day one was primarily focused on the pitching of the camps and showing the trail improvements to be conducted. For practical purposes, the 23 members were sub-divided into three groups with a team leader. The Executive Director advised the members to be extra careful and consider personal safety while implementing the work. He hoped that the youth members would carry out the activities smoothly and completely without hitches.
Four camps have been set up on either side of the notorious Rangtse stream, which remains dry during winter months.