Project Rangtse Nye under Gakiling Gewog, Haa Dzongkhag “Update” | Organization for Youth Empowerment

Organization for youth empowerment conducted training on youth management and accounting with 25 youth members who would be engaged in the implementation of the project that is designed to conserve Rangtse Nye and its environment under Gakiling Gewog, Haa Dzongkhag. During the training, SOP was drawn to guide the youth group during the project implementation phase to ensure the successful implementation of the project activities. The Lam of Rangtse Gewog also performed Labsang Thruesel at the site to appease the local deity and seek their blessing for the safety and well-being of the youth while carrying out the construction activities and associated development activities in the project vicinity. The officials from Sombaykha Dungkhag, Gakiling Gewog, and other local officials also participated in the above programs and extended full support and cooperation. The sensitization on flora and fauna and stakeholders mapping are other important training that shall follow in the following days! The project is implemented by SEF-SGP, UNDP in partnership with the Royal Government of Bhutan with about 4 million. The project is aimed to enhance the livelihood of the local community, especially youth, and ensure the conservation of the sacred Rangtse Nye and its ecosystem.