Advocacy And Awareness Program at Y.H.S.S | Organization for Youth Empowerment

BJTF successful conducted its advocacy and awareness program at Yangchenphu Secondary School for class IX ‘F’, X ‘B&C’, XI Com ‘F’, XI Arts ‘C’ with the aim of bringing about a positive mindset change regarding Technical skilled jobs and understanding the latest labor market scenario. The students through an interactive session were briefed on the importance of learning a skill and discovering ones inner self.  To complement on our program for encouraging students on learning a skill and following one’s passion, Mr Tharchen founder of iBest institute inspired and shared his personnel experience of being an academically profound student to starting an animation & training centre, which has absolutely no relation to what he studied. He also enriched the students knowledge on the concept of entrepreneurship and on various personal soft skill development, required to become successful.

“A degree is just a piece of paper to me with no value, people i recruit are not based on academic qualification but rather on the skills they know and prove.”

– Tharchen

With this program we hope the students, were better informed on the labor market information which can be a guidance while choosing their career paths and also have a positive outlook towards skilled jobs henceforth.

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